Monday, December 22, 2008

The wind chill factor

Many of you may know my hatred and disdain for the "wind chill factor". First off, it just sounds gay. Secondly people that refer to it or talk about it sound gay, and stupid. I want to smack each and every one of you.

There's no such thing as "the wind chill factor". Only the "stupid asshole factor".

The wind chill is pointless, for these very reasons: A thermostat tells the scientific temperature. Thats how hot and/or cold it is outside. Yes, wind has a cooling effect, and if the wind pushes a cold front through, the temperature will drop, lowering the measurement on the thermostat. (This is the only time the wind chill actually occurs.) The other times wind chill actually occurs is when faggot news stations need excuses to get idiots all riled up about something that doesn't actually exist. If there is a 10 degree wind chill factor, why does water not freeze? Oh wait. Wind chill just tells you 'how cold it feels' outside. Well how the fuck do you know how I feel outside?

Today its actually 11 degrees outside. Last week it was in the 30s, but with a 11 degree wind chill. Today the sun is shining bright. How come there is never any mention of the warming effect the sun has on cold temperatures? It certainly feels warmer when I'm in the sunlight as opposed to in the shade or during a cloudy day. THE SUN HAS A WARMING EFFECT! DUH!! Yes, of course it does. And when the sun's warming effect is strong enough to raise the temperature, it indeed gets warmer!

And whats even more ridiculous is that there is a scientific formula to determine this 'apparent temperature'! Great, let's apply the standards and physics of science to the purely subjective thoughts and emotions of the complete imbeciles that walk this earth. This makes lots of sense. Well it makes perfect sense if you own a news/media outlet and you have nothing to talk about because nothing is going on, but your existence is dependent upon idiots believing every word you say and staying glued to your channel to boost ratings and ad revenue.

I'm sure some idiots will think otherwise, and come back to me w/ all the scientific data that supports and defends a wind chill factor, but the reality is that its a purely subjective 'measurement'. Temperature is a standard measure. If it says its 30 degrees outside, it feels like its 30 degrees. Because if it felt any colder, the thermostat would read a lower temperature. Got it? Good.

Back to the Stupid Asshole Factor. Simply take X number of assholes multiplied by Y number of news channels and newspapers that report on the wind chill = Stupid Asshole Factor.

Obituary - The End Complete

10/10 album. My reviews are purely subjective, but I must say this is one of the best death metal albums of all time. John Tardy's vocals were at his best with this album and World Demise (another 10/10 album), the tempo and speed and pace of the album is fantastic. No 'blast beats' just great, straight forward pace. Allen West's solos are top notch.

Listen to every song on this album over and over again now.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

this calls for a RIGHT ON BUDDY!!!

Many people talk about their dream homes, the design, landscaping, where the swimming pool goes, how big the kitchen is, etc. I really don't give a shit about any of that.

All I'm concerned about is having my own Private Ninja Training Camp:

Rare moments of seriousness...

This is a sad story, but jesus christ are people complete idiots. Your car is stuck on the railroad tracks, either during a traffic stop or because the car broke down. Well, first off, you're an idiot if you follow traffic and it causes you to stop on top of the tracks (big no-no kiddies). If your car broke down, toss on the hazards, pop the hood, make damn sure you can get out of the way at just the sound of a train approaching.

But alas, this idiot calls 9/11 for help. I would like to say she's not a complete imbecile, but its pretty fucking difficult. This notion that a person's first response when in trouble is to call someone else or to want someone else to take care of it is so idiotic. I guess you call it a result of a nanny-state.

Its not too far off from this story, the lady who calls 911 because her cheeseburger wasn't made correctly.

God damn people are fucking stupid.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


There, I said it. Get butthurt about it. Racism is hilarious. Proof:

This is a photo from the marquee outside a landscapers/green industry trade show I work up in Boston each year. New England Grows. Or how they like to substitute: NEGrows.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yuengling + Neurosis = RIGHT ON BUDDY!

Greetings and salutations!!!

Welcome to my very first blog! (read waste of your and my time)

Enjoy assholes!