Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shoveling Snow

I actually really like shoveling snow. Its one chore I really enjoy doing, probably because we never get enough snow for me to ever get sick of it and dread the sight of a pile of snow keeping me from driving off somewhere.

I woke up this morning to 4" of snow covering my driveway and immediately jumped outside with a shovel to clean my driveway. The air never gets as clean as it is after a fresh snow the night before. I love it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I love yerba mate. I drink it just about every morning. Not only is it a great hangover cure, but its just down right delicious. And coffee is for faggots and losers. This stuff is also under $3 for a 5 lbs bag of it, which lasts months. Some compare the flavor to grass clippings or yard waste, and honestly, I have to agree with them. But if you eat enough piles of shit, I'm sure you'll get used to the taste of that too.

So this morning, I was reheating it for my second cup (you can reuse the stuff many, many times), and some idiot sales man came in while it was cooling off in the microwave. So I decided to heat it up again, and it fucking exploded on me. FUCK NO BUDDY! Bullshit. So here's a pic of my mess.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 - The Year of the Asshole

Well, its 2009, and my first post of the year. The holidays were good. I'm still caught in a rut between wishing I kept getting tons of presents like I did as a little kid and really not giving two shits about the whole gift giving thing to begin with. Here are a few reasons why Christmas is pointless:

- Every time I try to come up with a wish list or a gift list, I realize I've already bought all the stuff I want. Throughout the year, if I want something, I just go out and get it.
- Thanksgiving was always the buffer that 'kick started' the Christmas season, now, as soon as Halloween is over, we're right onto Christmas. I love Thanksgiving, maybe more so than Christmas. The food is fantastic, and other than seeing old friends and having dinner, there are no expectations.
- As we all know, Christmas is consumerism gone mad. I won't deny I'm very much a consumer myself, I spend more than I probably should, but I'm single so I excuse it by asking 'what else do I have money for?' -- The notion that so many retailers are talking about going belly up because sales are down 5% from last year really makes me laugh. I'm so fascinated with how entire industries are based upon growth and can't even function when sales plateau. FUCK THEM. NOW SELL ME YOUR FLAT SCREEN FOR 90% OFF.

I forsee this year being the year of the asshole. The economy is going down, businesses are collapsing, people are panicking. The asshole in everyone will come out in full force this year.