Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rare moments of seriousness...

This is a sad story, but jesus christ are people complete idiots. Your car is stuck on the railroad tracks, either during a traffic stop or because the car broke down. Well, first off, you're an idiot if you follow traffic and it causes you to stop on top of the tracks (big no-no kiddies). If your car broke down, toss on the hazards, pop the hood, make damn sure you can get out of the way at just the sound of a train approaching.

But alas, this idiot calls 9/11 for help. I would like to say she's not a complete imbecile, but its pretty fucking difficult. This notion that a person's first response when in trouble is to call someone else or to want someone else to take care of it is so idiotic. I guess you call it a result of a nanny-state.

Its not too far off from this story, the lady who calls 911 because her cheeseburger wasn't made correctly.

God damn people are fucking stupid.

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